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Delhi Police is likely to send a request to the Indian Railways seeking their approval for prosecution sanction against seven officials who are likely to be named in the chargesheet for the electrocution case at New Delhi station in June.

Police is likely to file the chargesheet in the next 15 days. (File photo)
Police is likely to file the chargesheet in the next 15 days. (File photo)

Police said these seven officials were questioned earlier and released later in connection with the case.

Police is likely to file the chargesheet in the next 15 days.

Since the incident was reported on June 25, the chargesheet needs to be filed before September 25.

“The investigation is complete from our end, and we have named the responsible officials. We have now written to the Indian Railways with the detailed report seeking prosecution sanction. We will file the chargesheet as soon as we receive the sanction from the railways,” said a Delhi police officer.

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A 35-year-old woman, Sakshi Ahuja, who stepped onto a flooded street at the New Delhi Railway Station on June 25, died by electrocution after accidentally coming into contact with a loose wire from a nearby electric pole.

Police had registered a case under relevant Indian Penal Code (IPC) sections dealing with negligent conduct with respect to machinery and death by negligence while the probe was on.

The railway police recently submitted a report to police with its technical findings which suggests negligence by seven officials at various levels who have been held accountable for the alleged carelessness in maintaining the electrical equipment.

HT had earlier reported that according to officials, the electricity leakage happened due to insulation failure.

The initial report mentioned, “negligence in the upkeep and maintenance of the wiring cable at the incident spot caused electricity leakage.”

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