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Delhi’s civic agencies have made floral arrangements at public spaces, trees and rotaries, providing the finishing touch to the beautification drives carried out across the city in the run up to the G20 Summit. The floral arrangement included covering around 2,200 trees with marigold garlands, 20 Summit-themed floral boards, and 23 flower fountains at key locations around G20 venues, officials aware of the preparations said on Friday.

20 Summit-themed floral boards have been put up at key venues. (HT)
20 Summit-themed floral boards have been put up at key venues. (HT)

An official from the lieutenant governor’s secretariat said that trees adorned with marigold flowers and garlands have been designed to welcome G20 heads of States on all roads from the Air Force Station, Palam to Sardar Patel Marg and Rajghat, including all stretches that the visiting dignitaries will be travelling on during their course of stay in Delhi. “Decoration of trees started on the intervening night of September 7 and 8. The project will continue throughout the event,” the official said.

Four civic agencies are involved in the floral arrangements, the official said. “Around 400 trees near the Palam technical area (Thimayya Marg and Parade Road) are being garlanded by the Delhi Cantonment Board. Around 200 trees and 100 poles are being beautified by the Public Works Department around the Kisan Ghat area near Rajghat, 1,200 trees by New Delhi Municipal Council, and 300 trees will be adorned by Municipal Corporation of Delhi on stretches under its jurisdiction.”

The official said marigold flowers can remain fresh for a long duration, and even after they dry up, they can be used as compost around the trees.

NDMC vice-chairman Satish Upadhyay said, “Around 20 G20 floral boards are being placed on key locations with the G20 logo and theme.” Around 23 flower fountains have been placed at nine locations. These include Mandi House Roundabout, Windsor Place Roundabout, Vice President’s House Roundabout, Triangular Plot Akbar Road Teen Murti Roundabout, Kautilya Marg Roundabout, Segment of Canada Embassy Roundabout, Yashwant Place Roundabout, and PM House Roundabout, an official said.

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